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Do you want to have a different type of trip? Get ready to have an adventure on board with your Royal Holiday membership! Come with us in this edition and learn about our favorite Royal Caribbean ships. Exploring the Caribbean has never been this fun!


Did you know? Thanks to the wide variety of activities for all ages, the Harmony of the Seas is one of the best ships for a family trip!

From special Kids’ areas to perfect places for a romantic night with your significant other, on this cruise, you’ll find thousands of ways to create unforgettable experiences with your family and friends.

The modern amenities on this cruise have never been seen on a ship like this! Enjoy the Ultimate Abyss, the tallest water slide in the ocean, Central Park, the iconic “neighborhood” in the middle of the ship; the AquaTheater, with acrobatic shows, Broadway-style shows, and much more!

Harmony of the Seas has a whole world on its decks, literally! On board, you will be able to treat your palate like you’ve never done before on every corner of the ship. If you want a drink, what better way than getting it from a robotic hand?


It wasn’t only the first of its class, but the Oasis of the Seas was also the ship that changed the way of traveling on a cruise.

Now, you won’t only find incredible attractions on every deck, but you’ll be able to try delicious food in the best restaurants on the ocean. However, the incredible nightlife doesn’t stay behind, the fun here will never stop!

We want you to enjoy the best dinner with your family or significant other, this is why, Royal Caribbean has included more restaurants, bars, and lounges in this paradise on the sea.

Oasis Of The Seas

In Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade, you will be able to enjoy sports competitions or a delicious Mexican Manu. In the new restaurant, Portside BBQ, you will be able to try the delightful food coming out of the grill. But if you have a sweet tooth, in Sugar Beach you will be able to get delicious candy or pastries.

Have an unforgettable adventure on the ship that changed the world of cruises and enjoy all of its new adventures!



This Oasis-class ship puts on a table incredible possibilities.

Some of the favorite attractions of the Royal Holiday members that have traveled here are the ultimate courage test in the 10-deck water slide, Ultimate Abyss; the surf simulator FlowRider, the Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade, the place that revolutionized the way of seeing a sports match; and the incredible Laser Tag.


The gastronomical experiences on board will take you around the world. The Wonderland, imaginative cuisine that will make all your wildest dreams come true. The creative and colorful cocktails and dishes will make you question what is fantasy and what is real.

Royal Caribbean really said “let’s go big or go home” while they built the Symphony of the Seas, don’t you think?



The boldest ship in the world, the Wonder of the Seas, makes every experience bigger!

In the Wonder, every member of the family will have an amazing experience. Treat yourself to the incredible food options on board. From fancy Italian food to delicious TexMex restaurant and everything in between.


The biggest cruise in the world presents for the first time in a Royal Caribbean, the 8 famous neighborhoods from the Oasis class including the new Suite Neighborhood!

If we were to put our favorite attractions on a list we would definitely include the 10-deck zip line, the 3 Perfect Storm water slides, the water park SplashawayBay, and of course, the incredible Ultimate Abyss. Don’t miss this incredible ship!



Prepare to have incredible experiences in Cococay! But, what is CocoCay? You might be wondering…

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s Private island! Here you would be able to slide down the tallest water slide in North America, the biggest Sweetwater pool in the Bahamas, and a hot air balloon trip, among other incredible adventures!

If your ideal escape includes a beach and thrilling adventures or even relaxing while you get the sun, CocoCay is a perfect place for you! But don’t forget your sunscreen.

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