10 cruising tips

10 cruising tips

Are you about to take a cruise? Fabulous! It is one of the most exciting and spectacular vacation experiences to be had.

That’s why we’re offering these tips: read them over, and put them into practice to get the most out of your vacation at sea. Ready?

Here we go:


1. Familiarize yourself with the ship

That way you won’t get lost, and check out every nook and cranny of the giant you’re sailing the high seas on.


2. Your card, the key to everything


Once you have boarded, you will be given a card. Keep it with you at all times, because not only is it the key to your cabin, but you will need it throughout the cruise for numerous activities and shops.


3. Smile

Your smile is the best introduction on land as well as at sea.


4. Sharing space

Try to be considerate during your cruise by not slamming doors, stomping your feet or shouting in the hallways. Act the way you would like others to act around you.


5. Dressing for the occasion

You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to the swimming pool or a bathing suit to a formal dinner. Pay attention to the way you dress; use common sense.


6. Nothing in excess, everything in moderation!

Don’t go overboard with food and drinks, especially the latter. Keep in mind that the term “all inclusive” means not going “overboard”.


7. Above all, discretion

If you have an issue concerning something that happens on board, discuss it privately with ship staff members or the customer service department; do not do it publicly.


8. Casinos

Here you do need to have cash, since these places are not part of the All-Inclusive service.


9. Make sure the ship doesn’t leave you behind!

Punctuality is the key for events on board, as well as side trips you take on land. You must get back on time or you could be left stranded at the port.


10. Above all, respect

By following the rules for each area on the ship, you will stay on a perfectly even keel with staff and fellow guests.

Now you know! Apply these ten tips on your next cruise, and have a fabulous vacation.

Happy sailing!