10 Silly Mistakes People Make On Their First Cruise

10 Silly Mistakes People Make On Their First Cruise

Going on your first cruise can be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to plan, so many things to do before you can consider yourself ready and so many ways you feel things may go wrong. Here at Royal Holiday Cruises, we try to get you prepared for your first cruising experience, so you can make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest. However, it happens more often than not, that people do not prepare accordingly and make mistakes that while may seem funny when you look back; they sure felt terrible at the time. Here we have some of the most common rookie blunders cruisers make on their first trip, but quickly learn to never repeat again.

Don’t pack accordingly

Packing is a mix between art and science. We have talked about it before here on our blog and you can also find many guides of how to do it perfectly according to self-proclaimed experts. The biggest mistakes people make, usually have to do with packing things they think are ok, and later realizing the were not allowed on board. The secret is to do your research and find out exactly what the restrictions before hand. Oh yeah and remember to bring extra hangers! Trust us on that one.

Forget to bring a carry-on

Bringing a carry-on is one of the smartest things you can do when coming in a cruise. But the real secret is knowing what to pack in it. The trick is to have all the things you will need within the first 6 hours of the trip, because sometimes it takes that long for you to have access to the rest of your luggage. The process is long and slow, because there are a lot of passengers waiting for their things, so while they are stuck in line, you can be enjoying the pool and having fun with your loved ones.

Overdo it with the buffet

Just because is all you can eat, it doesn’t mean you have to eat all you can. Remember you are on a moving fortress that swings back and forth with the movement of the sea. Overeating can lead to seasickness, and that can make your experience a miserable one. Do stuff yourself with the food and just eat enough to feel sated and remember there are many other things to do on board. Pace yourself.

Spend too much on souvenirs

It make look like a great idea at the time, but buying a lot of clothing from the Caribbean may leave you with a bag full of flower-patterned shirts you may never ever wear again. Make sure you aren’t overpaying either, remember you are a tourist and that means they see you as an easy target. Be careful with your spending so your cruise experience doesn’t become a financial nightmare when you get back home.

10 Silly Mistakes People Make On Their First Cruise

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Buy more things that they can bring back

Part of packing accordingly includes leaving enough space for souvenirs. It would be terrible if you can’t bring with you everything you took there. Some people fight this by bringing stuff that they are purposefully going to leave behind like almost empty shampoo bottles or sandals that are almost to the end of their life cycle. Make room for gifts from the moment you pack.

Forget about sunscreen

Just because the wind is chilly, it doesn’t mean the sun is not burning your skin. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, especially those with fair skin that are not used to the sun at sea. Even if you aren’t feeling the heat on your skin, the sun is burning you, so make sure you wear sunblock because when it comes to sunburns, by the time you detect it, it is already too late.

Don’t socialize

You have a lot in common with the people cruising with you, you are all literally on the same boat, so take the opportunity to make some friends and meet some people. Some folks forget about this aspect and pass on one of the coolest experiences from traveling aboard a cruise line. Make some friends.

Forget to book excursions in advance

Sometimes people think that going out on their own and making their own excursion arrangements can save them money. The truth is, it actually can be more expensive in most cases, and you also have to worry about being out there without any guarantee you will make the port call. Cruise lines work with local guides to give their guests the bests prices on excursions by booking them themselves and also are mindful of making it back on time you are going to be positive to not miss your boat.

Book your cruise in the wrong season

Weekend cruises are not for resting and neither are those during school break. Make sure you are ready for that the season offers and that includes many children, party people or strange weather.

Forget about visa or passport requirements.

Find out before departing which requirements do you need for the different ports you will be visiting. That way you won’t miss out on the fun by having to stay on the boat while others enjoy the local fun.