Roatan – Honduras

Just off the coast of Honduras, Royal Holiday Cruises takes members to one of the lesser-known jewels of the Caribbean: the tropical island of Roatan. With its shimmering white beaches, verdant jungles, aquamarine waters, and pristine coral reefs, Roatan is everything a Royal Holiday Cruises guest could hope for in a tropical vacation.

The new cruise port at Mahogany Bay has an exciting Magical Flying Beach Chair that swoops guests straight to the facility’s fine beach and resort-style amenities. Of course, beyond Mahogany Bay there is a whole island for Club members to explore.

Gumbalimba Park

Named for the resilient gumbalimba tree, which can regrow itself from a single broken branch, Gumbalimba Park offers Royal Holiday Cruises guests a microcosm of a complete tropical vacation, with a beach, snorkeling, zip-line, pirate cave museum, and more. The highlight of the park, however, is the nature trail through the dense jungle, where walkers can see frolicking monkeys, brilliantly plumed birds, exotic insects, and more.

Tabyana Beach

On beautiful Tabyana Beach, visitors can kick back and enjoy a truly exotic beach destination, where tropical coconut and fruit trees grow alongside stunning white sand and sapphire Caribbean waters.

Garifuna Museum

The Garifuna people have lived on Roatan since their forcible deportation to the island in 1797 by British colonialists. At the nearby Garifuna Museum, visitors with Royal Holiday Cruises can learn about the history of the Garifuna people, listen to the Garifunas’ distinctive punta music, or even enjoy a traditional dance performance.

Sundowners Bar

A classic beach bar, Sundowners is one of the most popular spots in West End. With superb drink specials and a patio looking onto one of the best beaches in the area, this bar makes an excellent place to unwind and enjoy the area’s spectacular sunsets.

Arch’s Iguana Farm

Four different species of iguana native to the Bay Islands inhabit Arch’s Iguana Farm. Here, Royal Holiday Club members can learn about the tropical lizards and see thousands of the reptiles wandering through the premises.

Carambola Gardens

Amid brilliant flowers and native plants, visitors to Carambola Gardens can easily lose a few tranquil hours admiring the lush and exotic jungle life. The 40-acre eco destination also offers Royal Holiday Cruises vacationers the opportunity to view the world’s largest collection of Asian fruit plants.

Roatan Butterfly Garden

With an informative identification chart in hand, visitors to the Roatan Butterfly Garden can take a leisurely, self-guided stroll through the massive enclosure and enjoy the brilliant colors of rare butterflies and tropical flowers.

Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences and Museum

The enthralling exhibits of the museum at the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences teach Royal Holiday Cruises guests about the diverse ecology of the island of Roatan and the waters around it. Additional displays cover the island’s history and culture. The Institute also runs the popular Dolphin Encounter program at Bailey’s Key.

Coral Cay

Gleaming white beaches, towering mangroves, and crystal-clear water make Coral Cay a veritable tropical paradise. Beach loungers will appreciate the full complement of amenities, including changing facilities, restaurants, and a massage centers. Swimmers will flock to the warm aquamarine water, where they can snorkel among colorful fish, beautiful corals, and haunting shipwrecks.

West Bay

The village of West Bay offers travelers with Royal Holiday Cruises some of the best souvenir shopping on the island. Along its rustic roads, local vendors sell Honduran arts and crafts, from fine jewelry to pottery to paintings.