Montego Bay

Whether it involves swaying to reggae, snoozing on the beach, swimming with dolphins, dancing in hot nightclubs, or venturing through lush rainforest, the vacation that awaits every Royal Holiday Cruises guest in Montego Bay is sure to be an unforgettable one. The famously laid-back Jamaican culture and breath-taking natural beauty of the island’s north coast make “Mo Bay” one of Royal Holiday Cruises’ most popular ports of call in the Caribbean.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This is the place that first put Montego Bay on the map. For over 100 years, busy Doctor’s Cave has drawn people from far and wide to experiences its perfect white sands and crystal clear waters, once claimed to have curative properties. A favorite destination of partiers, the beach’s location in the protected Montego Bay Marine Park also makes it an excellent place for Royal Holiday Cruises snorkelers to swim among graceful tropical fish and beautiful corals.

Bob Marley Experience

Reggae fans from all around the world flock to the Bob Marley Experience every year. Here, visitors can view and hear the center’s immense collection of Bob Marley memorabilia, as well as enjoy big-screen retrospectives about the life and music of the famed artist.

Dolphin Encounters

The inviting turquoise waters of Jamaica are home to countless frolicking dolphins. Royal Holiday Cruises visitors to Montego Bay have several opportunities to experience these graceful and intelligent creatures, whether it’s spotting them on an informative boat tour or swimming right alongside them.

Hip Strip

Officially known as Gloucester Avenue, the Hip Strip is the epicenter of Montego Bay’s nightlife and entertainment. This is also the site of the famous Doctor’s Cave Resort, so Royal Holiday Cruises visitors can spend their day’s lounging and snorkeling, and then head straight for dancing and partying when night falls.

Martha Brae River

A fine way for Royal Holiday Cruises vacationers to enjoy the rich sights, sounds, and smells of Jamaica’s natural beauty is to take a serene bamboo rafting voyage down the gentle Martha Brae River. This broad waterway winds beneath a lush canopy of trees, alive with the soothing music of tropical birds.

Old Fort Craft Market

Located in the bustling center of Montego Bay, Old Fort Craft Market hosts dozens of vendors selling Jamaican wares and handicrafts. Hagglers will delight in bargaining for beautiful woodcraft, hats, hand-woven baskets, toys, and many other exquisite items suitable as souvenirs and gifts.


An old favorite of locals and Royal Holiday Cruises tourists alike, Scotchies specializes in spicy jerk: pork, fish, sausage, and chicken prepared over fire pits. Visitors mustn’t miss a full meal of jerk served with authentic side dishes like “festival” bread and peas, and famous fiery Jamaican hot sauce.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

A simple yet extraordinary experience, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is hosted in a quaint Jamaican home. Nature lovers and bird enthusiasts will get up close to a range of beautiful tropical species—including Jamaica’s national bird, the doctorbird—as the delicate feathered creatures here will readily eat seeds or sugary nectar right out of visitors’ hands.

Rose Hall

One of the most architecturally significant buildings in the West Indies, Rose Hall is especially famous for one of its intriguing past inhabitants. During the early nineteenth century, when Rose Hall was the great house of a sprawling 6,600-acre plantation, the property’s mistress was Annie Palmer, an English-Irish practitioner of witchcraft who was raised by a Haitian voodoo priestess. Royal Holiday Cruises guests can take a fascinating tour and then head down to the cellar to enjoy a drink in the on-site bar, The White Witch.

Ocho Rios

Just a short drive along the coast eastward of Montego Bay is Ocho Rios, site of some of Jamaica’s most renowned attractions. In the Ocho Rios area, Royal Holiday Cruises visitors can climb the spectacular 180-feet-high Dunn’s River Falls, take in the tropical scenery from the Sky Explorer Chairlift, or enjoy the storied Jamaican Bobsled.