Cozumel – Mexico

With gorgeous beaches, perfect coral reefs, and mystical ruins, Cozumel will dazzle Royal Holiday Cruises guests with its exotic beauty. While here, Royal Holiday Cruises members can explore haunting remnants of the Mayan civilization, scuba dive the aquatic world of Jacques Cousteau, and feast on local seafood—all while unwinding in the warm tropical sun and ocean breezes.

The Great Mesoamerican Reef

Cozumel sits on the Great Mesoamerican Reef, one of the most spectacular diving destinations in the world. Popularized by Mexican filmmaker Rene Cardona in his underwater film A New World, Cozumel has been a prime dive vacation spot for more than 50 years.

Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

The Museum of the Island of Cozumel gives Royal Holiday Cruises visitors an overview of this beautiful island’s tropical and marine ecologies, as well its significance throughout history, beginning with the earliest Mayan settlements. Visitors should be sure to sample the excellent Mexican fare in the Museum’s rooftop restaurant.

Isla Pasion

The perfect island day trip awaits visitors to Isla Pasion, or Passion Island. On excursions to this private resort island, guests are treated to white beaches, aquamarine waters, delightful food and cocktails, and hours of relaxing beach sports and lounging.

Playa Palancar

Delicious grilled seafood, relaxing hammocks, and excellent diving opportunities are the hallmarks of this simple, laid-back beach club.


An upscale favorite of locals and tourists alike, Kinta offers a menu of innovative takes on traditional Mexican dishes. Chef Kris Wallenta creates wide range of dishes to satisfy every Royal Holiday Cruises palate and appetite.

Cozumel Pearl Farm

On highly exclusive day visits to the newly-opened Cozumel Pearl Farm, visitors will see the only pearl farm currently operating in the Caribbean. Guests here will learn about the pearl industry, as well as enjoy a bit of lounging on the beach.

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins

Long ago, the heart of Mayan religious life on Cozumel was a great temple city devoted to the Mayan moon goddess, Ixchel. Today, the imposing, sprawling ruins at San Gervasio are all that remain of that mysterious place. It now draws archeology enthusiasts from all over the world to the island of Cozumel. Royal Holiday Cruises members interested in the ancient Mayans might also consider a trip to the ruins of Tulum on the mainland, where breathtaking temples overlook the turquoise ocean from seaside cliffs.

Punta Sur National Park and Beach

Covering nearly 250 acres, Punta Sur National Park is protected habitat for many of Cozumel’s native species, including flamingos and crocodiles. The beach here is well-developed, and the lighthouse offers stunning panoramic views.

Chankanaab Park

With its shady palapa huts and gorgeous corals and sponges, Chankanaab Park is the perfect spot for Royal Holiday Cruises vacationers to enjoy a relaxing day of snorkeling. The real highlight here, however, is the chance to swim with playful dolphins.

La Choza

For a genuine Cozumel meal, visitors should head to La Choza. Here, guests can enjoy local favorites like shrimp-stuffed chile or pork with pumpkin seed sauce. A slice of cool avocado pie or an exotic flavor of agua fresca may be just the thing to cool off from the tropical sun.

El Cedral

Once the center of Mayan life on Cozumel, the plaza of the town of El Cedral today is a fine place for guests of Royal Holiday Cruises to buy traditional local crafts such as brilliantly colored embroidery or comfy hammocks.