Beautiful Barbados invites guests of Royal Holiday Cruises to relax on the 70 miles of pearly pink and white sand beaches that ring the island’s lush rainforests and historic plantations. With fascinating wildlife, restful resorts, and a laid-back blend of British and Caribbean culture, Barbados is a truly unique stop on every Royal Holiday Cruises member’s tropical ocean voyage.

Gold Coast

The western shore of Barbados, widely known as the Gold Coast, is famous for its warm, gentle waters and ultra-soft sand. The beaches on this side of the island are the destination of choice for avid beach aficionados and Royal Holiday Cruises vacationers who are serious about fun-in-the-sun-style relaxation.

Harrison’s Cave

Sprawling for thousands of feet beneath the ground, Harrison’s Cave is located in the center of the island of Barbados. This magical cavern complex was never fully mapped until about 40 years ago. Today it welcomes visitors into its mysterious darkness to view its many crystalline pools, living cave formations, and awe-inspiring subterranean waterfall.

George Washington House

American history buffs will appreciate George Washington House, where, in 1751, the young future United States president briefly lived while visiting Barbados. While here, he survived smallpox thanks to local doctors’ treatments. The museum provides Royal Holiday Cruises visitors a fascinating look into the era, and the intriguing historical relationship between Barbados and the fledgeling American nation.

Brown Sugar

For a sampling of delicious Bajan cuisine, Brown Sugar offers Royal Holiday Cruises guests a fine selection of seafood and local specialties, from gungo-peak soup to walnut-rum pie. An expansive verandah makes for a delightful, al fresco Caribbean dining experience.

Crane Beach

The first resort in the Caribbean opened its doors in 1887 on gorgeous Crane Beach. Since then, the area’s fine pink sands and sheltered waters have beckoned tourists to enjoy the sun and surf against a backdrop of breathtaking cliffs.

Flower Forest

This former sugar plantation offers guests a world of bright, splashy color. Royal Holiday Cruises visitors to the Flower Forest can walk among gorgeous displays of tropical flowers and medicinal plants, either on a guided tour or in quiet solitude. With sunny meadows and sun-dappled paths beneath several varieties of towering palms, this lovely preserve will appeal to lovers of peaceful natural beauty.

Green Monkey Encounters

The forests of Barbados are home to striking green monkey. Visitors to the island can see these west African native creatures scamper in the treetops on any of a number of guided tours, zip-line adventures, or 4×4 treks.

Pelican Village Craft Centre

Conveniently located near the cruise port, Pelican Village Craft Centre has a number of boutiques and outlets offering Royal Holiday Cruises shoppers the best in Bajan arts, crafts, pottery, jewelry, and more.

Concorde Experience

Because of the long association of Barbados with Concorde flight operations, the island today is one of the very few places in the world where visitors can view one of the famous Concorde jets, and even enjoy a simulated supersonic flight.


The beach at Bathsheba is a prime destination for surfers around the world, who come the area’s famous “Soup Bowl” to ride some of the best waves in the Caribbean. Non-surfers can enjoy themselves, too, picnicking in the nearby park and lounging in the tidal pools.

Sea Turtle Encounters

The waters of Barbados are a favored habitat of placid sea turtles. Many of the island’s beaches host prime spots where visitors with Royal Holiday Cruises can observe or even swim with the graceful creatures.