Year-round sunshine lights up beautiful Aruba, where vacationers with Royal Holiday Cruises go to soak up the rays on the island’ gorgeous beaches or work up a sweat on arid desert treks. As part of the Netherlands, Aruba also offers Royal Holiday Cruises visitors a special European elegance and fine Dutch products, alongside rich Caribbean culture and crafts.

Palm Beach

Aruba’s famously glamorous resorts cluster on gorgeous Palm Beach. With its fine white sand and gentle waters, this beach offers a little of everything, from water sports to snorkeling to people watching to simple relaxation.

Natural Bridge

Long one of Aruba’s most famous attractions, Natural Bridge was a geological bridge of stone carved out by ocean waves over thousands of years. The Bridge collapsed in 2005, but its ruins remain a fascinating natural wonder. Royal Holiday Cruises tourists won’t leave disappointed, though, because a similar smaller formation, Baby Bridge, still stands nearby.

Atlantis Submarine

Diving to 130 feet beneath the waves, the Atlantis Submarine gives Royal Holiday Cruises vacationers a chance to see an eerie wreck and exotic sea life in the aquatic darkness. Visitors will accompany expert guides to see either a downed airplane or sunken cargo ship, all from the dry comfort of the state-of-the-art tourist sub.

Alto Vista Chapel and California Light House

The stately California Lighthouse was named for a ship that sank off the northern tip of Aruba in 1891. Today, it commands an amazing view of the island and sea, as well as gorgeous Arashi Beach and the nearby resort facilities. Just five miles away stands the quaint Alto Vista Chapel, a striking vision for Royal Holiday Cruises tourists who first glimpse its startlingly yellow facade and red tile roof.

Arikok National Park

Covering about one fifth of the entire island, Arikok National Park is Aruba’s preeminent nature preserve. It is the site of many desert hiking trails, unique geological formations like lava tubes, and several historical sites, including abandoned mines, plantation ruins, and ancient cave petroglyphs.

Sea Trek Helmet Dive

Even Royal Holiday Cruises members without a dive certification can enjoy the aquamarine beauty of the world beneath the sea with an exciting helmet dive on nearby De Palma Island. No special gear or training is necessary to put on the helmet and descend under the water to witness spectacular fish and other sea life, up close and personal.

The Wreck of the Antilla

Divers and snorkelers from around the world gravitate to the famous Antilla, a German freighter that was deliberately abandoned and sunk during World War II off the coast of Aruba. The mysterious wreck is now home to hundreds of species of beautiful tropical fish.

Caya G. F. Betico Croes Street

Just a few blocks from the waterfront, the main shopping district runs along the Caya G. F. Betico Croes street. Here, Royal Holiday Cruises bargain-hunters can find all manner of shops and high-end boutiques where they can pick up a souvenir or gift, including exquisite Dutch cheeses, chocolates, and porcelain. The prices are decent, too, because of Aruba’s low taxes and duties.

Aloe Factory

Aruba’s arid climate is perfect for growing aloe vera. For this reason, many aloe products are made on Aruba. Royal Holiday Cruises visitors to the Aloe Factory will learn about the cultivation, history, and other unique aspects of this industry.

Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins

Great heaps of natural boulders overlook the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Smelter, a serene reminder of Aruba’s 19th-century history as a source of the precious metal.