La Romana

The incredible resort life and natural beauty of La Romana have long drawn Royal Holiday Cruises visitors and other vacationers from around the world. The region’s colonial Spanish history, warm tropical climate, and fantastic resort amenities combine to make this an unforgettable port on any Royal Holiday Cruise through the Caribbean.

Casa de Campo Complex

For many years, the resort complex of Casa de Campo has set the standard for Caribbean accommodation and entertainment. The sprawling grounds offer golf, horseback riding, fine dining, health and beauty spas, and many other amenities. Visitors with Royal Holiday Cruises can also enjoy the local beach, or wander the Marina to relax in one of the area restaurants and gaze at the luxurious yachts that frequent the Dominican resort town.

Catalina Island

Undeveloped and serene, Catalina Island draws divers from across the globe to enjoy its two spectacular underwater sites: the Wall and the Aquarium. With broad beaches of brilliant white sand, any beach lover will enjoy lazing in the sunshine and splashing in the warm, aquamarine waters.

Altos de Chavon

Perched upon a cliff overlooking the lovely Chavon River, Altos de Chavon is a complete re-creation of a 16th-century European town. With its cobblestone streets, cascades of flowers, and Mediterranean architecture, the town is both a historical museum set piece and a living village. The fascinating Amber Museum shows off beautiful works fashioned from the glimmering golden gemstone, while the local archeological museum hosts permanent exhibits of historical interest. The charming St. Stanislaus Church here is a favorite chapel for weddings. Altos de Chavon is also the site of a grand amphitheater, where local performers put on spectacular shows, such as the highly regarded Afro-Caribbean dance extravaganza “Kandela,” as well as top celebrity acts. To keep Royal Holiday Cruises tourists refreshed, a number of restaurants and cafes offer delicious food and drink. Perhaps the village’s biggest draw, however, is the wide variety of shops showcasing the handiwork of many local and international artists, craftsmen, and designers.

La Casita

Offering Mediterranean fare with a Spanish flair, La Casita looks onto the marina at Casa de Campo. With a modern design and creative lighting, the restaurant offers Royal Holiday Cruises guests a pleasant and elegant ambiance.

Saona Island

Part of the great Parque Nacional del Este, Saona Island is a favored destination for people seeking fun in the sun. The crowds of happy snorkelers and sunbathers share the island with countless island birds and great sea turtles, as well as vendors who sell refreshments to thirsty tourists.

Old Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo also has the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the New World. Royal Holiday Cruises visitors take a step back in time as they walk the town’s rustic cobbled streets.

Las Maravillas Cave

Formed over 100 millennia, the Las Maravillas Cave is a natural wonder in its own right, with spectacular cavern formations. Its most striking feature, however, is the beautiful cave art left behind by the Taino people who inhabited the land long before Europeans arrived.


Despite its Italian-sounding name, Peperoni actually offers an incredibly eclectic mix of cuisines. With a menu that offers everything from burgers to shrimp to sushi to pizza, this elegant restaurant has something for every Royal Holiday Cruises palate.