Just a short distance from the metropolitan sprawl and bustle of Rio de Janeiro, little Buzios offers Royal Holiday Cruises guests the perfect mix of resort-style fun and relaxing, natural beauty. Here, Royal Holiday Cruises members can kick back and tan on the one of the gorgeous beaches, and then enjoy a meal in one of the many colorful local establishments, which range from casual beach bars to elegant French restaurants.

Once a tiny fishing village, Buzios was transformed into a hot vacation spot when French actress Brigitte Bardot visited the location in 1964 and thrust the obscure village into the world spotlight. Today, the town maintains much of its sleepy charm despite energetic nightlife and popular beaches and that draw so many tourists to this little corner of paradise year after year.

Rua das Pedras

Buzios’ main strip for shopping and dining, Rua das Pedras offers Royal Holiday Cruises visitors rustic cobblestones and sophisticated boutiques. The heart of Buzios, it is the perfect place to wander, relax, and pick up a gift or two. At night, it is also the place where partiers come to play.

Praia Joao Fernandes

A short water-taxi ride from the town center, the popular beach, Praia Joao Fernandes, is always awash in the sounds of samba and scents of nearby restaurants. Known for its inviting sand and clear calm waters, this beach is the place to be in the evenings, when Royal Holiday Cruises visitors are treated to stunning sunset views.

Orla Bardot

Several statues by sculptor Christina Motta line this beachfront promenade. In addition to startlingly realistic portrayals of fishermen plying their trade, guests of Royal Holiday Cruises will also see a statue honoring the street’s namesake and Buzios’ most famous guest, Brigitte Bardot. The promenade has a gorgeous ocean view and connects together the most historic and picturesque parts of Buzios.

Praia de Geriba

A long crescent of white sand, beautiful Praia de Geriba is very popular yet big enough to avoid feeling crowded. Impressive swells and waves make this beach popular with surfers, while the countless food kiosks and beach bars make it the go-to place for loungers who simply want to unwind and pass the time in the tropical sun.


Upscale yet affordable, Cigalon has a reputation as one of Buzios’ best eating establishments. While waiters in bow ties serve the French-inspired cuisine, the place has a friendly, casual air, due to its inviting veranda and beautiful beach views.

Praia Azeda

While it is also accessible by a short water-taxi ride, the short hike through the trees to Praia Azeda offers Royal Holiday Cruises visitors a breathtaking view of the natural beauty of the peninsula and surrounding ocean. Vendors at this popular beach sell coconut water and other refreshments to the high-season crowds that usually fill up this spot by lunchtime.


A great stop for a quick bite after a hard day of lounging on the beach, Buzin is a reasonably priced buffet restaurant just off Rua das Pedras. Offering everything from quintessentially Brazilian churrasco to international favorites like pizza, Buzin will have something that appeals to the palate of any Royal Holiday Cruises guest.