Known far and wide for its beauty, Stockholm will impress Royal Holiday Cruises visitors with its easygoing Scandinavian charm, cosmopolitan diversity, and natural appeal. Spread across 14 islands, Stockholm is a city of waterways and greenery, from the leaves of its many parks, to the patina of its copper rooftops. The city’s skyline of graceful spires and cupolas and clean modern lines has grown up slowly over eight centuries, since the town’s founding as a humble Viking village. Now the capital city of Sweden and home to nearly a quarter of the nation’s inhabitants, Stockholm is the heart of Swedish culture and commerce, and provides guests of Royal Holiday Cruises everything that a world-class city has to offer.

Visitors will certainly enjoy this lovely city and its many unique attractions. Royal Holiday Cruises members will never forget wandering Stockholm’s vibrant greenbelts, marveling at its astonishingly diverse architecture, and mingling with the friendly locals in the many boutiques and cafes that bring the warm Swedish culture to life.

Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)

Overlooking ancient Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s cobbled old town, the Royal Palace was constructed over 250 years ago to replace the previous palace, which burned down in 1697. Each of its four wings is designed and decorated in a distinctive style that celebrates a different aspect of the royalty. Outside, Royal Holiday Cruises guests can witness the changing of the guard. The building itself is open to the public, who can view the fine furnishings of the State Apartments, the Swedish crown jewels in the Treasury, and an impressive collection of historic weaponry in the Royal Armory.

National Historical Museum

Housing the world’s largest exhibition of Viking artifacts and culture, the National Historical Museum is a prime stop for anyone interested in Scandinavia’s long and storied past. here visitors can see the glittering Gold Room, which contains the country’s preeminent display of gold and silver.


As home to several highly-regarded antiques dealers, who sell art, crafts, rugs, books, and more, this street is the perfect place to pick up a piece of Swedish history as a souvenir.

The National Maritime Museum

Dedicated to the art of seamanship, the National Maritime Museum provides a fascinating look into the development of maritime travel throughout history. The facility also maintains several floating museum ships close to the Vasa Museum, in which a painstakingly reassembled 17th-century warship is housed. With proximity to other nautical attractions, imaginative activities for the kids, and a restaurant with a lovely view, the National Maritime Museum is an excellent destination for any Royal Holiday Cruises party.

Royal National City Park

Winding six miles through the city, Royal National City Park is an urban park that contains a number of attractions such as museums, swimming spots, theaters, and, of course, a wealth of natural beauty.


SkyView is an exhilarating half-hour gondola ride to the top of Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe, the largest spherical building in the world. With a journey of 425 feet up and back, SkyView provides a truly unique way to get a bird’s eye view of the charming city. Royal Holiday Cruises guests can pick up a souvenir in the gift shop and enjoy lunch in the adjacent restaurant.

Fredsgatan 12

This upscale restaurant features delicious meals faithfully based on traditional Swedish favorites.

IKEA of Sweden

IKEA is one of the most iconic modern companies to come out of Sweden. The largest IKEA outlet in the world is in Skarholmen, which is a bit south of Stockholm.