Nestled in a fjord and cloaked in forests, Oslo offers Royal Holiday Cruises guests an engaging and vibrant mix of fascinating history and sophisticated culture in a stunning natural setting. A small but modern city, the capital of Norway is a bustling port and the heart of the country’s commercial life, which gives Royal Holiday Cruises members plenty of opportunities to shop, mingle, explore, and relax.

While only about half a million people call Oslo home, the city actually sprawls over a wide area, which provides nature lovers and winter sports enthusiasts easy access to the gorgeous hills and lakes of the city’s outer reaches. The easygoing yet cosmopolitan town offers visitors with Royal Holiday Cruises a delightful array of fantastic cafes and eateries, superb shopping, and entertaining nightlife. Of course, with a thousand years of history behind it, Oslo also offers an amazing glimpse of its culture in its many museums and galleries.

Despite Oslo’s relatively small size, members of Royal Holiday Cruises will have no problem finding entertaining ways to pass a day or two in this lovely city.

The Bygdoy Peninsula and Maritime Museums

Tourists can find several maritime museums on Oslo’s graceful, scenic Bygdoy Peninsula. Visitors to the Vikingskipshuset will witness the imposing sleekness of ancient Viking longboats. At the Kon-Tiki Museum, they will marvel at the balsa raft that explorer Thor Heyerdahl used to sail from Peru to Polynesia in 1947.

Norwegian Folk Museum

One of Oslo’s main attractions, this huge open-air museum collects over 140 buildings from all over Norway into a single fascinating walk through much of the country’s varied cultural history of the last three centuries.

National Gallery

Housing the largest art collection in Norway, the National Gallery displays works from around the country, mainly from the Romantic era through World War II. It is also home to many other European works, including ones by Gaugin, Renoir, El Greco, and many others. A highlight for many Royal Holiday Cruises visitors will be the famous “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch.

City Hall

As the host of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, Oslo’s City Hall is one of the city’s most notable landmarks. The building houses a huge collection of art, and is itself a unique architectural work.

Akershus Castle

Constructed over 700 years ago, Akershus Castle was originally built to protect the capital of Norway. This picture-perfect medieval castle and fortress majestically overlooks the Oslo fjord, and makes a perfect outing for a Royal Holiday Cruises traveler.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

The site of the 1952 Olympic Ski Jump competition, Holmenkollen Ski Jump sits on a hill high above Oslo. Every winter, it attracts some of the world’s top ski jumpers. Holmenkollen is also an excellent concert venue. Visitors to the area might also be interested in the nearby Holmenkollen Ski Museum, as well as the elegant De Fem Stuer restaurant, which offers classic Norwegian cuisine such as elk sirloin.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

An exquisite open-air space, the Vigeland Sculpture Park celebrates the work of renowned Norwegian sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. The park showcases over 200 of Vigeland’s bronze and stone sculptures of human forms, from passionate lovers to sorrowful beggars.

Ekeberg Restaurant

A jarring white edifice built in 1929, Ekeberg Restaurant is an early example of functionalist architecture. Today an elegant restaurant and bar, it also boasts a terrific view for Royal Holiday Cruises members.

Hadeland Glassworks

The tradition of glassblowing is on display on the banks of Lake Randsfjorden at Hadeland Glassworks. Here, visitors with Royal Holiday Cruises can watch artisans creating their delicate works, learn about the history of the art, and maybe even pick up a souvenir or two.