Juneau – Alaska

Royal Holiday Cruises can take its members to some of the world’s most enchanting ports of call, including a series of locations in the Pacific Northwest that open onto breathtaking glaciers and miles of hiking trails lacing through mountains and hidden lakes. Juneau, Alaska, offers one of the most beautiful ways for Royal Holiday Cruises travelers to experience this kind of countryside.

Travelers using Royal Holiday Cruises as their base can explore the Gold Rush-era town situated on the Gastineau Channel at the heart of the Alaska Marine Highway, toward the southeast portion of the state. An original home of the Tlingit people, the town began to boom during the 1880s, after Joe Juneau’s discovery of gold.

Guided Tours

The city itself provides guided hiking tours of stretches such as the Mendenhall River-Montana Creek Trail, for those who want picture-perfect views of the Mendenhall Glacier. And because the glacier is so easy to access, consider donning some crampons and making a day trip on a guided tour of its caves, streams, and crevasses. Tours may well pass through the Glacier Gardens Rainforest that lines Mendenhall Lake, giving travelers the chance to experience the natural beauty of the surrounding Tongass National Forest. Also available are helicopter or floatplane tours over the spectacular reaches of the Juneau Icefield, or a guided bear-watching trip to Admiralty Island. And Royal Holiday Cruises travelers should keep in mind the variety of package combinations that mix and match other outdoor activities with Juneau city tours.

Whale Watching and Activities

Whale-watching is among the most popular activities for visitors to the Juneau area, with certain tour operators so confident that they even provide a guarantee for the number of whales that will be seen on each expedition. Royal Holiday Cruises passengers can also disembark for a number of sporting opportunities, including fishing for salmon, rockfish, and halibut on a chartered group tour. Cycling is another great way to see Juneau, with tours available that focus on the Glacier Gardens Rainforest and other top locations. Paddle a kayak over the stretch of Mendenhall Lake or along the coast where humpback whales come to feed in the summer. And a ziplining adventure through the rainforest canopy is a great choice for the whole family.

Dog Sledding

Travelers with Royal Holiday Cruises can also enjoy the landscapes around Juneau via dogsled. Tours specially designed for all ages and levels of physical confidence transport participants by helicopter to the home of the ice fields, where they are sent mushing over the terrain in comfort, led by trained guides and their friendly sled dogs.

Shopping and Historical Juneau

Royal Holiday Cruises is also a member’s gateway to local history excursions by way of a historically based walking tour with the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. And it wouldn’t be a vacation without some shopping. Smoked halibut, salmon jerky, caviar and other distinctive seafood treats are available, as are beautiful examples of handcrafted Native Alaskan artworks. Local artists’ galleries offer jewelry, photographs, pottery, stained glass, textiles, and more. And the Jade Mine provides travelers access to affordable nephrite jade pieces mined right next door in British Columbia.