The Best Type Of Cruise For Your Perfect Holiday

The Best Type Of Cruise For Your Perfect Holiday

Planning a cruise can be an overwhelming experience filled with so many options that you may feel like your head might explode with excitement and trepidation. There are many choices out there, and the fear of making a bad choice and probably wasting a lot of money and vacation time, is some to be taken seriously.

Cruises come in many different sizes and shapes and go beyond what everyone sees in brochures and Internet ads. The beautiful Caribbean festive boats, the elegant Mediterranean luxury cruises and the adventurous arctic expeditions are just some of the examples of how diverse and fulfilling, a cruise ship vacations can be.

We are sure here at Royal Holiday that you wish you could have them all, and perhaps in time, you will accompany us in many different adventures to all of our different destinations; but if you have to choose one, which one will it be?

To help you making a decision, we are showing you today just a sample of the different type of expeditions that exist in the world of cruising, in an attempt to assist you finding what is best for you and your loved ones and hope we can meet all of your expectations.

Family Cruises

Family Cruises are some of the most popular style of vacations out there. Is great knowing that everyone in your party is having a great time, so shooting for a family cruise is a great safe choice and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun. Children love variety and knowing that the next great adventure is right around the corner. Carnival Cruises offer an excellent choice for entertainment and their Seuss at Sea program may be just what you are looking for to give your kids an experience they will never forget. Remember that only because this is a family cruise it doesn’t mean only the children get to play. There are daycare services for the very little ones in case you want to spend some alone time with your significant other, as well as many casual options for dining, activities for adults and larger cabins so you and your family can be as comfortable as possible.

River Cruises

River cruises are becoming more and more popular lately and they are a fun choice worth looking into if you want to try something different. A continent like Europe provides a great perspective of many interesting cities when you explore them in a river cruise; this is mostly due to the fact that many classic cities were actually born of their proximity to its rivers that were used as trading routes back then. River cruises are smaller and smaller and provide you with a more personal and intimate relationship to your fellow travelers, something that could be great if you are traveling alone or with a group of singles. Even though Europe does have a lot more choices when it comes to river cruises, the United States and China also have some interesting options for those interested in this type of adventure.

Image courtesy of Pat O'Malley at

Image courtesy of Pat O’Malley at

Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruises are for those seeking for adventure and exploration of faraway places and to spend as little time as possible inside the actual boat. People are surprised when they hear the exact details of an expedition cruise, because they hear nothing of shows, fancy dinners and extravagant on board entertainment. Expeditions cruises are about getting out there and experiencing nature and being part of activities that involve nature and the outdoors. This type of cruise is clearly not for everyone, so if you want to embark in a truly unforgettable experience, come ready to ride kayaks, Zodiac rafts and to learn about science and many aspects of the natural world. It is not uncommon in this type of cruises to have lecturers and to see presentations about topics of interests in the fields of culture, history, geology, geography, biology, ecology or anthropology of ship’s destinations.

Romantic Cruises

Romantic cruises are one of the most popular categories for those interested in a cruise type of vacation. These are perfect for honeymooners, to celebrate anniversaries or simply for a well-earned holiday next to your significant other. Cruises provide the perfect atmosphere for romance and our cruise lines are ready to exceed all of your expectations for a perfect experience. How would you feel about having a date night, every night? The great dining options offered make it so every single evening is perfect. You can choose different styles of experiences from casual meals to the most lavish and magical evening listening to soft music live while enjoying some of the best cuisine from all around the world. The ocean has a specific appeal for lovers that is difficult to match. Imagine being able to see every sunset without any obstructions and be woken up every morning to go outside and feel the sea breeze. No matter what you do, even if you spend your days just relaxing and resting with your loved one, a romantic cruise is a great experience for bonding and enjoying each other company.