The Perfect Beautiful Destination For Relaxation And Fun

The Perfect Beautiful Destination For Relaxation And Fun

Boracay is world famous for being the beach capital of the Philippines. This tiny island was voted the best on the planet back in 2012 and today it continues to be on every single list of the tops island destinations for travelers every year. Boracay is located about 200 miles south of Manila and a mile off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Even though the place is small, Boracay has become very popular amongst those looking for a place away from civilization where they can relax, enjoy the peace and quiet that its white sandy beaches offer, and partake in the many celebrations held by its vibrant nightlife.

The origin of the name Boracay is not completely clear. Some say it comes form the word “Borac” which means white cotton in allusion to its white sandy beaches while others say the name is a combination of the words “Bora” and “Bocay” which mean bubbles and white respectively. The island is about 3 miles long, shaped like a bone and with the narrowest spot being less than one mile wide, and has a total land area of 4.5 square miles. There are many ways to get to Boracay like airplane connections to nearby locations and ferry rides or boats to the island, as it doesn’t have its own airport. From Malay you can take a small boat that will drop you off in Boracay after a short ride.

Ariel’s Point

This is a great day-trip destination in Boracay. Ariel’s Point is about 30 minutes away from Boracay on a boat ride and is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. One of the main things that make this destination so popular is the practice of cliff diving. People from all over the world travel here every year to experience the adrenaline of jumping of a high cliff into the ocean. Anyone can practice this great sport since they have shorter platforms for those who want to give it a go but not go all the way. In Boracay, you may find tickets for a day trip to Ariel’s Point that include transportation, food, snacks, tour guide and even in some cases unlimited beverages.

The Perfect Beautiful Destination For Relaxation And Fun

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White Beach

White Beach is probably the main reason why people visit Boracay. This perfect stretch of white sand with some of the most amazing blue water you will ever see, this is also the commercial center of the island. White beach is divided into 3 main sections where you can find some of the most expensive and upscale resorts on the island, an area where most commerce takes place with shops, restaurants, stores and all kinds of businesses and also a smaller quieter area that has not yet been quite developed where people go looking for a place to relax. As busy as the beach is, people truly take care of it, so you will always find it pristine and clean. Parasailing is a very common activity here, the sights while you are up in the air are amazing and unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

Yapak Beach

Yapak Beach is the perfect example of what a paradisiac beach should look like. The place seems taken out of a postcard because it is simply breathtaking. The locals gather here to collect puka shells to make traditional jewelry and sell to the tourist; hence the place is also known as Puka Beach. The waters here are a little bit rougher than in other areas of Boracay, so this particular beach usually has fewer people visiting. This makes it the perfect destination for those looking to get away from the crowns, however, that also means that there are fewer services for tourists in the side of the island. There are only a few restaurants here but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the basic necessities as well as some cold drinks and even purchase wares from the local vendors that walk up and down the beach.

Snorkeling and SCUBA

There are dozens of establishments all over the island for divers who want to experience the waters around Boracay. If you are a beginner or have never tried diving before, this is a great place to get started and give it a try, since the clear waters and the abundant sea life make it perfect to fall in love with this beautiful sport. You can rent equipment in many places around White Beach and get a guide or an instructor if you need once.


Boracay’s nightlife is a non-stop event every day of the week. Here you can find it all, from the most extravagant and flashy affairs of partying and loud music, to relaxing lounges, cafes and smaller venues with live local artists. Bars and clubs are everywhere to be found, and simply walking around is probably the best way to find something that suits your taste in music and atmosphere.

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