The Galapagos Is One Of The World’s Most Amazing Destinations

The Galapagos Is One Of The World’s Most Amazing Destinations

The Galapagos are a group of islands located about 500 miles away from Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is very popular for being a place where Charles Darwin concentrated much of its scientific research due to their large number of endemic species and their great biodiversity. The Galapagos Islands have been ranked in the top spots of places to visit in Central and South America as well as the best islands in the world, the best national parks, the best family summer vacation and also some of the most affordable vacation spots in South America. No other place in Earth offers such close encounters with nature and such an amazing opportunity to experience one of the most pristine and untouched ecosystems of the planet; sadly we do not know at this rate, for how long they will retain their magic and conserve all of their ecological value at the rate we are destroying the planet.

You can see The Galapagos during the whole year if you chose to do so. June through August are the busiest months to visit as well as the priciest time to go to the island, from December through May the weather is hotter and the rains are more constant but the ocean is calmer. If you are into SCUBA diving, experts recommend to go from September to November when the water is a lot colder and you can see more marine species out and about.

Without a doubt, the wildlife is the main reason why people chose The Galapagos as their holiday destination and they do it rightly so. As we mentioned before, the diversity and amount of species that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, are very abundant here.

The Galapagos are one of the few places left in the planet where human touch is practically non-existent. The islands do not have an indigenous population and they were actually the first place to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most access to the islands in restricted and requires licensed guides to take you there in order to further protect the place from our destructive influence.

The educational value of visiting the Galapagos is unmatched. Here you can witness first-hand the marvels of evolution unfolding before your eyes and understand why this place presented such a strong evidence to support Charles Darwin’s theories and his work in natural selection. Giant tortoises, sea lions, and birds like finches and boobies are all over the place and their lack of fear for humans can give you the chance of experiencing some of the closest encounters you will ever live with this amazing creatures.

If you love the water, this place is as diverse beyond its coasts as it is inland. More than 400 hundred different species of fish have been documented in this area and more than 10% of them are endemic to the region. The place is perfect for snorkeling as well with the whole family with the guidance of the experts in the subject. Finding penguins, sea lions, and even sharks is not uncommon when you venture to discover underwater life at The Galapagos.


Image courtesy of Kerry Lannert at

Image courtesy of Kerry Lannert at

The opportunity to take amazing photographs is another great reason why people love to come here. It feels like you are cheating when you gaze upon the vistas and landscapes the Galapagos have to offer. Even the newest amateurs can be sure that they will capture some of the greatest shots they will ever be able to take in any vacation.

The beaches here are absolutely stunning. You can find some of the bluest waters and the whitest sands you have ever seen, as long as you don’t mind sharing the space with sea lions and birds instead of umbrellas, food stands, and noisy vendors. Each island is like a different world unto itself. You can find all kinds of topography, landscapes, vegetation and animal life that has existed for thousands of years untouched.

Visiting The Galapagos is both beautiful and sad at the same time, because at this rate, this amazing archipelago composed of more than 60 different islands will eventually disappear. Tourism is something that greatly contributes economically to the conservation, protection and preservation of these ecosystems, but at the same time, collective consciousness about the issues that leave the future of this beautiful in such a degree of uncertainty must be raised. Those who visit the Galapagos must leave the islands as heralds and ambassadors of the beauty they have experienced and understand their role in making sure that many more generations can enjoy that same privilege.

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