How to find the best cruises at the best price

How to find the best cruises at the best price

If you love cruise ships as much as we do, you won’t be satisfied with only one cruise, one week a year. So here are a few tips for you to go on major cruises at really affordable prices. For the same amount of money that you may have used to spend on a single trip, now it’s possible for you to travel three to four times in a year. Talk about savings!

Unlike in the airline industry, on cruise ships, there are no low cost companies. However, due to the competition among cruise companies to attract passengers, and the fact that modern fleets now have newer and more modern ships, it is possible for you to find great, amazing offers if you know how to look for them.

In finding the best cruise that fits an affordable price, itinerary and dates, you can divide your search into three major areas: find out which companies have the most number of ships, check the duration of the cruises with the best prices, and find deals according to cruise seasons.

To help you find the best cruise deals, we’ll take a look at a method that’ll let you find great cruise deals that allows me to travel several times a year.

  1. Find out which companies have the most number of ships

Cruise travel has become popular in recent years, therefore different cruise companies are committed to building new ships and open new routes. This means the number of vessels will grow and the ships that were the most modern ones of their fleet in their day will be surpassed by their new siblings. These ships continue to offer a high level of quality and most of them have undergone renovations and adaptations, but still they must compete with their new, spectacular brothers. That is why we are offered better prices to make them more attractive to us. These deals are easier to find in companies with a larger number of vessels in its fleet.

  1. Duration of the most economic cruises

If you’re looking for the best cruise and the best prices, you should keep an eye on the days/price ratio. Short cruises and those that last longer but include several days without stopping are usually the best options.

Depending on the duration of the trip, you will see that there are five types of cruises:

  • Cruises with weekend itineraries: They are a classic in American cruises. These are two to three day trips, where the ship is the important thing, as opposed to the itinerary. There is even a cruise mode that has no destination, which means that you really don’t know your destination, since you only drift away from the shore.

  • Cruises that last 3 to 4 nights: This is where we can find a combination to get great prices and incredible last minute offers, if we find cruises that last three to five nights in boats that have been sailing for over five years and belonging to large companies. These are cruises with a great variation in prices and they generally get lower at the last minute.
Image courtesy of Royal Holiday at

Image courtesy of Royal Holiday at

  • Cruises that last 5 to 8 nights: These are pretty common. The strategy here is to choose the same route before or after a popular season. You may use the online services of companies that have the same route to follow the evolution of prices on two different online agencies each week. Usually, if you’re not looking for a special cabin, you can find the best price by waiting until the last minute.

  • Cruises that last more than 8 nights: These are usually the most expensive itineraries. But the cost will depend mostly on how many days of sailing versus the number of days with scheduled scales the route has, which will lower or raise the prices. For these types of cruises, it’s a good idea to look at those that include at least two days of sailing. Although sometimes some itineraries usually appear with good prices many months before, usually the best prices can be found up to six weeks before departure.

  • Repositioning cruises: You might find cruises with a cost between 30 and 55 daily euros per person, which means these prices are impossible to find on other routes. Repositioning cruises are basically one-way trips, as the ships are moving from one region to another and they must make these trips regardless of whether they carry passengers or not. Obviously the companies prefer to maximize each day of sailing so they release great deals for this type of cruise travel. It’s a great way to experience transatlantic cruises.
  1. Find deals according to seasons

Knowing where ships are at all times allows you to predict great prices if you look for a few weeks before or after the most popular seasons.

If you are looking for a specific destination and you want to find good prices, you should know which are the appropriate cruise seasons to find the best discounts. As a general rule, the best cruise deals are in the months before or after the high season. Although the weather can be a little worse, in exchange you’ll find ships with less passengers and amazing prices.