The Best 10 Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

The Best 10 Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

Are you one of those people who starts packing weeks in advance, weigh your luggage at every step of the way and choose carefully what to bring and what to leave behind? Or are you one of those who thinks they idea of making a list and worrying about packing earlier than the night before is just ridiculous? Whether you are an early packer or a last minute loader, we at Royal Holiday Cruises always bring you the best tips and tricks to make the most out of your next adventure.

Packing can make the difference between a great trip or a disaster if you aren’t careful and this is especially true when we talk about cruises, since the space is more limited, things that are forgotten can’t always be easily replaced and there are some restrictions and considerations that must be observed when planning your trip. So here you have it, some of our best advice on how to pack for your next adventure traveling the seas.

Your carry-on is the key

Your carry on contains all of those things that stay by your side during the trip from your home until you finally arrive to your cabin. This is important because in case the rest of your luggage gets misplaced, at least you have some things with you, but that is not all. You will not have access to your luggage for a few hours after you come aboard even if everything goes according to plan. Your carry on is the perfect place to store a change of clothes and perhaps your swimsuit so you can start enjoying the cruise as the rest of the passengers wait for their bags to arrive.

Pack a bit in each other’s bags

If you travel with a significant other, then pack at least one outfit in each other’s bag. In the event of a bag going missing or being delayed, at least you have something you can wear packed in the other person’s bag and vice versa. Pack together and make sure you aren’t occupying space by doubling down on items that can be shared.

Remember you can do laundry on board

While it can be a bit expensive, remember you can save space in your bag by having clothes you can have cleaned while on the cruise and then you can wear them again. Small sachets of laundry detergent can help you wash some essentials in your bathroom and just hang them up to dry if necessary.

If you are picky bring your own toiletries

Most of these things are already provided, but perhaps not the brands you use or like. You can bring your own in this case and save space by using travel size containers or even the big bottles if you have some at home that are almost empty; just use what’s left and discard the bottle while on the trip.

Pack according to your destination and the dress code

Your destination should dictate the clothes you bring on your cruise. Shorts are not recommended if you are traveling to Alaska and you wouldn’t forgive yourself for missing a formal evening because you simply don’t have the appropriate attire.

Don’t pack to full capacity

Remember to leave room in your bags for possible souvenirs and purchases you make while on the trip. All destinations are great places to buy things you may not be able to find anywhere else in the world, so make sure you have that in mind and that way you won’t have to worry about picking between your new ware and something that you may have to leave behind due to poor planning.

Bring a beltpack, you will use it

Yes, they may look goofy but they are great for carrying your important documents, handheld devices or just some money as you walk around the ship. They are more versatile than your wallet and you don’t need pockets, so give them a chance.

Pack by outfits

If you pack by complete set of outfits, including accessories and underwear, you will be less likely to over pack and thus save a lot of space. You can think about when you may change and consider special occasion and things like date nights on the cruise and then have it all ready. Bonus points if you separate each outfit in a different ziplock bag.

Tag your bags

Save yourself a headache by having your own personal tags on your bags in additions to the ones you get from the airline. Those pieces of paper with a flimsy elastic band will fall off easily and your bags will be unmarked.

Photograph your luggage and copy your IDs

This will make your life a lot easier if you lose any of your items. The picture can help others help you find your bag easily and the copies of your IDs will prove very useful if you misplace any of that important documentation.

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